How the tricycle got so big

How the tricycle got so big

Once upon a time in a land not so far away there lived a community of people that had so much money they could afford big cars, big houses, and just about anything they wanted.

By and by there slowly came an awareness that their big cars and big houses used so much fuel that the air that everybody used for breathing deep and feeling good and growing food, was getting hotter and hotter and was going to get so hot that all the ice in the world would melt and flood all the land near the oceans.

So this community of people thought about it and wondered what to do. One person said they could ride bicycles instead of driving cars. But another person said, “How can I possibly carry all my groceries home from the market on a bicycle” and another said “I can’t possibly carry all my tools and building materials on bikes”.

So they thought about this for a while and finally said they could build a big tricycle with low gears for the hills. And a cargo box for the front.

Well, building a big tricycle was one thing but pedaling it up big hills with all their goodies and all their sweet little children, was another matter most people just didn’t want to do because it was hard work and very slow.

After using small electric motors to help them up the hill, most decided to slow down their lives. Then build more leg muscle so they wouldn’t have to pay for big power plants. Yet some thought they could use solar electric panels to charge their batteries. But after all, even those cost so much effort to make them that it would take too many work hours, and the batteries are too heavy any ways.

Slowly, slowly people became aware that the status quo could not be maintained and to save their beautiful little world. They would all have to change their life styles. So these kind hearted little people prayed for a miracle, the kind of miracle that only they them self’s could make happen.

So in the end they decided to give up the very complex gadgets and develop the more simple technologies. Like a tricycle that rides like a bicycle, leaning into the turns. What fun.

utility cycling technology

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