How to frame my pictures

I have been thinking about the best way to mount my canvases; on stretcher bars, there should be an th inch thick foam board for backing. The thick canvas I use now is not stretchable. Don’t let anyone try to stretch it; it would ruin the canvas.

Without the sketcher bars you should use a ¾” or ⅞” foam board.  Make sure that the surface and the core are made of archival materials.

Do not staple the canvas on the side of the backing. Only on the back side. Or not at all.

Do not glue the canvas to the foam board, unless you use something that is removable. I do make the canvas water proof with acrylic, so it won’t expand much.

⅞” or ¾ plus the canvas should fit into a frame for a 1”. Like these:




a cheaper wood


Short Stories Needed

I need short stories for these pictures, and possibly more. I am planing an e-book and want to use as many of my pictures as possible. But I am not a writer, I have a permanent writer’s block.



after a hard day in the rain 3
Number 3: after a cold day in the rain  



harvesting hearts small
number 1:  “it all started when I saw strekes of light falling from the sky last night”




love at first sight small

“A Surreal Exponderancy of Maniacal Uterancy”

7159904336_ae48dc969e          anxiety

If you think some of my pictures are weird, it is because they have hidden meanings!

Most all pictures have meanings, even if never put into words.

 Most of my pictures in the first few years, had strange meanings that were never explained. Now that I am almost sick n’ tired of making sweet pictures that have obvious meanings, I am going back to making odd pictures with strange meanings that can only be described in your own mind.

 This is what true art is about. Reflecting the viewer’s subconscious mind. Don’t worry, I do not like to make hideous violent pictures. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, with guns!

Graphic novels like most other books do not need to be what the publishing industry says they must. Sequential panels are another paradigm that should be challenged. I can’t stand to see books that look like the rest of them.

I want to create something different, something unique. Even if it is not a perfect commodity. I would rather read a book that has a lot of text and pictures, that does not fit into the industry’s duplicate image of what a book should be.

Selling e-books is easy just put them on the distributor’s list and make sure they their search engine works good enough to find your book. It looks like amazon’s search engine appears to be lacking in results, could it be that they just do not have many books? Not surprising, most people are so brain washed by capitalism that there is just not much in the way of innovation.

Anxiety, if done with satire would be an excellent subject.


high def 002

Inside living tree houses

Illustrated books for all ages, even adults, were once very common. This stopped because of the added expense. It costs a lot more to publish a book with illustrations, so such books are most often reserved for top-selling writers whose sales can justify the added expense.

inside tree house 2inside tree house small

I invented my tree houses long before I discovered these pleached wall living tree houses.

Pleaching: Branches in close contact may grow together, due to a natural phenomenon called inosculation,

woven-tree-houseyoung tree house small