Adorable Existential Story book art


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content[0]='What is out sider art?
The term was coined by the publisher of the first American book on ArtBrut Outsider Art by Roger Cardinal 1972, Art Brut was coined by the artist Jean Dubuffet to mean art that is strictly untutored and exists out side the normal concept of art totally un-cultured and original in it`s preconception…including being prompted by concerns of money. And therefore can not be a movement or school of painting.

content[1]=’What is Existential art?
In existential therapy, art is used as a surrealist method to access the subconscious, to learn to struggle with ones inconsistent dogmatic thought patters. Yet the subconscious is an abstract assumption. And assumptions are unproven subjective thoughts, not the real objective world. To experience the real world and the god like Omni presence of the right brain you must experience sensory depravation beyond the point of not thinking. Hypnosis is a strange phenomenon.

content[2]=’Paranoid Critical method of surrealism!

Well it`s the time of year that the stink from the papper mill drifts into town to remind us that we don`t own the air we breathe. What are thay burning down there? Dead dogs, or old tires?? Well I don`t think we should worrie about the mills smog, I breathe more crap from my neighbors burning plastic trash. And the second hand smoke from every one`s cegarettes.

content[3]=’not New Paintings
nOt New paintings

inteviewIn my dictionary subliminal realism is different that surrealism.I think what I am doing is not above and beyond, but rather just below the surface of reality.

Best of my older pictures


content[7]=’What is Lowbrow art?

I believe the only way to subvert the dominate paradigm of art needing to be bland to be beautiful, is to have fun using classic painting sensibilities in new and imaginative ways.

My flickr Site (w/ Wood work, and more pictures)

Pricing info.

content[10]=’email Me

You may have a hard time reaching me threw the massive amount of junk mail I am getting… so it is best to use this phrase in the subject box:

The worst of my paintings that I can give away freely
(with acquisition of greater value).

Wood sculpture:
bowls, drums, deep relief.

(ladys on pedistals)

my Art blog on word press


Surreal comic strips for the Vigilance news paper


The start of a story book
most of these not ready yet.

Surreal Abstraction

content[22]=’my poorly photographed drawings
at flickr

content[19]=’what is story book art?
with all the detail

content[20]=’How the tricycle got so big.

content[21]=’My comuter cycle

content[23]=’What is storybook art? ….Blow out sale of my small pictures…

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