The Mysterious Tiger Zebra

I hope never to make any more of this kind of disgustingly sweet art. I can’t stand it. I want to make deep dark forest, creepy eerie scenes. Whee the strange little creatures live. Yes some of these pixies live near me in the forest. They don’t let me see them much, but I know they are there.

Unfortunately I have started a series of steam machines for a book of “steam punk-ish” art. I may call the book “Living in some kind of dream world” showing all of the odd pictures I like to paint. But I will probably have to think of a better name, and restrict them to art suitable for children.

Or maybe I really should do several different books, with different genre’s.


mysterious tiger doulocorn

How to frame my pictures

I never recommend any kind of commercial products. But I have to make an exception of this one kind of frame. As far as I can see it is the only thing to use on my paintings, if you can find one to fit.

Take it to a framer and have them glue it onto a ½ inch or thinker foam board. Hard foam will not warp. Of course you can do this yourself and save a lot of money. Then put the mounted canvas into one of these frames.

Don’t let the framer stretch the canvas! I had some dolt do that and he put staples all around the edges of the canvas, despite that I told him not to. The canvas was ruined. Then I had to pay him to put a frame on it just to hide the staples. But the canvas was still ruined; it could never be stretched!!!

 Unfortunately I used to paint 8 x 11” pictures and some other odd sizes that there are no ready made frames to fit.

From now on I will paint only 8” x 10” and 16” x 20” ….except for possibly a few 4 x 5” canvas boards that do not need to be framed.


House foam insulation comes in one inch thick and will fit in some frames like this one.



“A Surreal Exponderancy of Maniacal Uterancy”

7159904336_ae48dc969e          anxiety

If you think some of my pictures are weird, it is because they have hidden meanings!

Most all pictures have meanings, even if never put into words.

 Most of my pictures in the first few years, had strange meanings that were never explained. Now that I am almost sick n’ tired of making sweet pictures that have obvious meanings, I am going back to making odd pictures with strange meanings that can only be described in your own mind.

 This is what true art is about. Reflecting the viewer’s subconscious mind. Don’t worry, I do not like to make hideous violent pictures. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, with guns!

Graphic novels like most other books do not need to be what the publishing industry says they must. Sequential panels are another paradigm that should be challenged. I can’t stand to see books that look like the rest of them.

I want to create something different, something unique. Even if it is not a perfect commodity. I would rather read a book that has a lot of text and pictures, that does not fit into the industry’s duplicate image of what a book should be.

Selling e-books is easy just put them on the distributor’s list and make sure they their search engine works good enough to find your book. It looks like amazon’s search engine appears to be lacking in results, could it be that they just do not have many books? Not surprising, most people are so brain washed by capitalism that there is just not much in the way of innovation.

Anxiety, if done with satire would be an excellent subject.


high def 002