No More Nice Stuff, See!



warning !!!

If someone claiming to be me [showing you a card of mine] wants you to trust him to cash a check for him, do not do it! This is a copy of the check sent to me, note that is was ordered from some place, possibly outside the U.S.


I cannot accept personal checks of any kind [like even business checks]. A ‘Cashier’s check’ is safer and faster and can be had from any bank. But Itsy is an even better way to buy a painting. You give them the money then I ship the item to you; then they pay me minus their share. Just tell me which one you want so I can put it on their website.


I almost got scammed out of two thousand dollars. Someone contacted me via email and said he lives in tennessee and wanted three of my paintings. Then he sent me a check for way over the amount I wanted. He wanted me to pay a “shipping agent” money he owed the man. Well I had a bad feeling about the deal. Then I discovered that banks give out the money BEFORE checks actually clears the banking system, [which can take 3 to 5 weeks].

I would have been screwed out of a lot of money plus bank fees. Then this guy actually came snooping around in the middle of the night to find the money. He went through my landlords stuff before woking me up at 5:30 am. Now I have a night vision security camera and motion sensor lights to catch snoopers. The police told me I should have set up a sting operation with them to catch the scammer. But that is no doubt why the scammer came snooping in the middle of the night. Yes he is in this area. Possibly using a dark net browser so he cannot be traced.

So now I can’t deal in anything other than cash or digital money. And you can bet your bippy that I will take the cash to the bank to see if it is counterfeit or not.


Library Art Show October 18th –

Someone found a new name for what passed as Surrealism. But it never was exactly because surrealism was made from dreams. Now we all just make it look like dreamscapes to some degree.



after a hard day in the cold rain 4 small

I am going to start painting much larger  so I can put more detail in my images. then I will have them scanned so you can buy high detaled prints. Also gallerys start the charge rate by the size. For me a larger size would be easier to paint more detail, than the smaller 16” x 20”. But I have a storage space problem.

pertinacious frog prince 2 small sized

I hate these advertisements, but can’t aford  an   ad  free  site.


Inside living tree houses





What is intellectual art?

There is more and more people that make image art that can be related to with abstract intellect only. It has nothing to do with composition and color. Ever since the “modern” art movement started making images that had nothing to do with what people had learned for several hundred years, the whole rt seen has been searching for meaning. Now all you need is wild imagination to relate to image art. Maybe I can start painting abstract images with all the tools of illustration….??