What is Kitsch art?


The Kitsch movement says traditional skill qualities are kitsch and the modern art movement is only personal expression without painting skills. But what If I use both skill and ideas expressed from myself. What is that called? [Just good art as far as I am concerned.] But I am definitely moving towards more skill in making my images more desirable just to look at without intellectual implications [unless I have something to say]. But to use skill of texture and light to tell a story is a traditional way to express your self. [Salvador Dali said paint as realistic as possible to express what your dreams looked like.] well I am going to have to paint for myself, adn hope that people with money like them enough to pay $500 for a 22” x 34” canvas. [in the gallery I will have to charge $850 to get close enough to that, to pay for promotion]. Art is a business that I hate.

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