Concept art


I believe that if I can visualize a concept and make it look realistic enough people will be able to think about the idea as something that can become true. That will give it more of a chance of becoming true. How ever I don’t know if I can make an abstract concept visually realistic, it would be a writer’s project to describe it in detail. But that is why stories should be illustrated. Even if it does cost too much for the publishing industry to produce.

I have some hope that Digital self publishing will be good for this idea. I intent to publish my story about the “Living Tree Houses” with black-n-white drawings but make the color images available separately. And If I can have a printable on demand version I will put the color images in the book. Unfortunately no one has enough intelligence to help me write the book without charging me a huge amount of money. So the story will not be as good as it could be. At this point I am thinking about how to end the story without stupidity. I have never seen a book that does not rely on stupid dialog for entertainment so how can I write and smart ending?

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