Library Art Show Is Over

Now that the art show is over I do not have to pay the gallery 40% so I can sell these paintings for $450, but that will include a smaller percentage that will have to go to So If you live in Port Townsend or can meet me there. I can sell them for only $350. But I cannot take checks, cash only will be accepted [in large bills]. And I will examine the cash to be sure it is not counterfeit. If you live out of town you can send me the cash via certified mail, but it would be much better to meet in a public place for the sale. The police want me to help them set up a sting operation for scammers.





after a hard day in the cold rain 4 small

I am going to start painting much larger  so I can put more detail in my images. then I will have them scanned so you can buy high detailed prints. Also gallerys start the charge rate by the size. For me a larger size would be easier to paint more detail, than the smaller 16” x 20”. But I have a storage space problem.

pertinacious frog prince 2 small sized

I hate these advertisements, but can’t afford  an   ad  free  site.



Inside living tree houses





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