What is Gallery art?



So what is the difference? Most people go to galleries to find a picture that they can love to look at for many years. So characters are not needed. However there is are a l lot of pictures just to decorate walls that do nothing to give meaning to life.

In illustration characters are needed to just to fit into the story. But they could be good enough to look at for many years. Illustrated correctly it can bring a new dimension to the story.

I could not find anyone to write a story for me to illustrate, and I decided it was too hard to do any ways. I may write some short stories for my character study images. But I really want to make images that do not need an external story. I have no desire to make abstract non-figurative paintings, and do not understand why people paint them just to make something “new” and different. Or at least replace some of the dirt removed by painting walls clean colors for people’s clean caves. Well it would be some much easier than painting pathos.

It’s not what you paint but how you paint it. Or even worse; how you promote it. Anything collectible can be found in a gallery. So is my art collectible yet? It has taken me many years to learn make my paintings desirable enough. Oh sure some people even like the old ones, but if I am not satisfied…how can I expect anyone else to be satisfied.

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