Living Tree Houses

watch this video for more info about Real Living tree houses

How to Grow Your Own Treehouse

I invented my livign tree houses before I found out that people are actually working to build these.

tree house book coversold





 tree house 7 smallsold


tree house 5 smallsold



The people of Gaia Island lived in homes that were alive. Their dwelling places were elaborate, lush hollow trees, where in the very walls, ceilings, and even the furniture and plumbing, were all part of the living, thriving plant.

 1.1 Year 2525

Zoë was born in a tree shaped like a house. When Zoë was old enough she started climbing trees, and found that the trees helped her climb. She was able to climb higher than any of the boys could ever climb.

One day after climbing between trees like a squirrel she found an opening into a tree, very high off the ground.

She could see the sky through a higher opening like a window. This high room in this tree became her secret room when she wanted to get away from every one. Adults could not get through the opening even if they could climb that high.

After a while she found a hand written book called ‘Secrets of dendronology’. In the book she found secrets of how to tap on the trees in just the right way to get them to grow a room, or a window made of tree sap bubbles; and also how to open or lock a secret door in the trees.

She found a really big tree that looked as if it might have a house in it. She taped on the base of the tree in the right way and it opened by peeling back the bark, and there was a stair case leading up through a dark tunnel up into the tree.

After climbing the stairs for a long time by just a faint glow of light coming from above, she found a large room with a big bubble window. She not had seen the bubble from the ground.

“What is this diploma? Dendronology?”

A voice from behind a wall: “Dendronology means the study of tree like structures; you have to be a dendronologist to be a forest shomer these days.”


I am still working on this futuristic science fiction story…….it will take a long time to get it published.  Should I lower the IQ level so children will understand it?

Picturetree house living

tree house 002



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