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What is Kitsch art?

The movement incorporates the techniques of the Old Masters with narrative, romanticism, and emotionally charged imagery. Ever scence the modern art movment people have been trying to define avant-garde and Kitsch as opposites. To the art world of the time, the immense popularity of kitsch was perceived as a threat to culture. The arguments relied on an implicit definition of kitsch as a type of false consciousness, a Marxist term meaning a mindset present within the structures of capitalism that is misguided as to its own desires and wants. Marxists believe there to be a disjunction between the real state of affairs and the way that they phenomenally appear.

The kitsch philosophy is humanist in nature and characterized by empiricism, and/or objectivism, especially concerning aesthetics.

Since the “Enlightenment” [that claims that abstract art is intellectual] the term kitsch has been nearly interchangeable with the term trash. To call an artist a kitsch painter is the blunt equivalent of calling him intellectually vacant, emotionally infantile and creatively derivative. Kitsch is more about craftsmanship and devotion more than timing and innovation.

The modern art movement teaches that real art should be vomited out, and that learned skills are not the truth. And that pathos is contrived. No wonder the world is mentally ill.

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