Bio Blurb

Paintings by  Nhoj Yesdnil

Nhoj Yesdnil  (ananym) has been making artwork (such as dulcimers, drums, bowls, and other sculpture) in Port Townsend since 1982.

After being declared a hopeless case by the powers that be for not fitting into the dominant paradigm of adversarial dialectics and linear thought, he spent most of his life in the field of “poverty life style” research before discovering the one true religion: introspective art. “If only I had been taught about lateral thought when I was a child”.

He started with existential art but soon discovered the right path: Adorable Realism. So now he is writing and illustrating children’s books, which may take a few years to get published.

His website is  email me if your realy wanting a painting: Also one face book and flickr:

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