very very old olive tree inosculated

“Sa Reina” (The Queen) olive tree – Villamassargia, Sardinia – Italy

Olive Tree: sacred to the goddess Athena a crown of olive was gifted to the winner of the Olympic Games. The doors and the pillars of the Temple of Solomon were made ​​of olive tree and its oil was used in ceremonies of consecration to the Jewish priests.

Athena planted an olive tree which proved to be more useful than Poseidon’s spring. This is why the city Athens gets its name from Athena.

900 Year Old Olive Tree with Massive Trunk in Ortumannu, Sardinia

very old inosculated olive tree 


living tree chair








Picture 003Picture 005house

robert-e--lee-tree_3879mega treebig tree 2big tree

imagesCATF1HO9base-de-sequoia-giganteCedar tree. Olympic National Park, Washington, USA.big treeIMG_4001Big_Cedar_Tree_-_Olympic_National_Parkmushroomsreal tree housemushroommoss2deep dark forestmosstree fungustree texture 2tree texture

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