Library Art Show October 18th –

Someone found a new name for what passed as Surrealism. But it never was exactly because surrealism was made from dreams. Now we all just make it look like dream scapes to some degree.



after a hard day in the cold rain 4 small

I am going to start painting much larger  so I can put more detail in my images. then I will have them scanned so you can buy high detaled prints. Also gallerys start the charge rate by the size. For me a larger size would be easier to paint more detail, than the smaller 16” x 20”. But I have a storage space problem.

pertinacious frog prince 2 small sized

I hate these advertisements, but can’t aford  an   ad  free  site.


Inside living tree houses





What is intellectual art?

There is more and more people that make image art that can be related to with abstract intellect only. It has nothing to do with composition and color. Ever since the “modern” art movement started making images that had nothing to do with what people had learned for several hundred years, the whole rt seen has been searching for meaning. Now all you need is wild imagination to relate to image art. Maybe I can start painting abstract images with all the tools of illustration….??