weird art?

I do like odd pictures, but is it worth the effort?

odd art odd art_0002


odd art_0001

This may the best idea, Odd Nerdrum paint_like_odd_nerdrum

Free Paintings! Have Art Will Barter!





anotherfrog love of a different kind  Love of a Bug

24 x 30    another frog!?           46 x 30  love of different kind?         20 x 24 Love at first sight


These three paintings are too large for my storage space, they need to go…


I need  a new heavy duty single  mattress (only about $600) for my arthritic  spine. name

free painting! (no longer available)


After a day in the cold rain #3


after a hard day in the rain 3

After this I am going to paint only disturbing pictures!

#1 and #2 is gone

after a hard day

smart phone code

qrcode.22233865this next one is to my “fine artameric” pageqr two

New Ice cream for June and July 2014

ice cream oneice cream twoonly $36 @????

ice cream threeice cream fourMost of them are 8 x 11

what would you like to pay?

Picture 001

What price would you like to pay? Be realistic.


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