Have Art Will Barter!

(no email contact until after august 4th)

anotherfrog love of a different kind  Love of a Bug

24 x 30    another frog!?           46 x 30  love of different kind?         20 x 24 Love at first sight


These three paintings are too large for my storage space, they need to go…


I need a laptop computer for writing…..14″ wide is about the right size for me. And a new heavy duty single  mattress (only about $600)  name

free painting! (no longer available)


After a day in the cold rain #3

after cold day in the rainafter a hard day in teh cold rain


After this I am going to paint only disturbing pictures!

#1 and #2 is gone

after a hard day

smart phone code

qrcode.22233865this next one is to my “fine artameric” pageqr two

New Ice cream for June and July 2014

ice cream oneice cream twoonly $36 @????

ice cream threeice cream fourMost of them are 8 x 11

what would you like to pay?


Picture 001

What price would you like to pay? Be realistic.

Fantastic Ideas

drawing of bath tublight house drawing

This Light house on the rocks  is too detailed to paint at 16 x 20 inches, I need some one to commission me to paint it at 24 x 30 ( or a bit larger)  because I can not keep that size in  vacuum bag to keep out the mold .  




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