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I need some one that can write better than I can, to story my illustrations. Some one that wants to publish e-books them self’s. The publishing industry will not allow the writer to pick the illustrator them self’s.

On the other hand I would actually let you use my visual art with out payment, just so that I can develop some fame beyond my small town and eventually sell paintings. However if you sell hundreds of e-books, you could give me some money just to keep me from being depressed.

If you know that you can write well enough to actually sell stories for 9 years and up, talk to me. Most books for that age are not illustrated, but I believe that there is a market for such e-books. I do like more sophisticated pictures than is needed for adolescent picture books. So 12 years and up would be best.

There is one thing that writers need to understand about writing for illustrations; when you ‘describe’ the illustration, the picture becomes redundant.

I would write stories my self, but it will take me years to learn a new skill. Most of my picture have no story and the story about Kinetic Bicycles can be thrown out. Creativity is the most important part of a story as for as I am concerned.

I read only science fiction and magic that is very well done. The worst thing that the publishing industry does to peoples writing, is to turn it into an anxiety ridden commercially viable piece of trash.

I just cannot stand stories that make me feel like I have been stabbed in the guts, just to keep the reader interested.




weird art?

I do like odd pictures, but is it worth the effort?

odd art odd art_0002


odd art_0001

This may the best idea, Odd Nerdrum paint_like_odd_nerdrum

too big to keep!





anotherfrog love of a different kind  Love of a Bug

24 x 30    another frog!?           46 x 30  love of different kind?         20 x 24 Love at first sight


These three paintings are too large for my storage space, they need to go…


I need  a new heavy duty single  mattress (only about $600) for my arthritic  spine. name

free painting! (no longer available)


After a day in the cold rain #3


after a hard day in the rain 3

After this I am going to paint only disturbing pictures!

#1 and #2 is gone

after a hard day

smart phone code

qrcode.22233865this next one is to my “fine artameric” pageqr two


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