New Ice cream for June

ice cream oneice cream two

ice cream threeice cream fourMost of them are 8 x 11

Free Paintings!

old heartsThis one can actually be free if you buy another big one…
My big paintings must go, I do not have a place to keep them any longer. I have reduced the price so that they are vertualy free!

There is so much competition from armatures that I can’t get wall space to display these.

Picture 001

What price would you like to pay? Be realistic.

Fantastic Ideas

drawing of bath tublight house drawing               

   I am taking my pictures to the next level : more detail and more fantastic ideas.


Now showing at

essoteric heart

several of my paintings are on the walls there.

aslo at Potpourri north west interiors

360 3857162

What I need to write?

old type writer

well actualy I need a small computer with word processor.

This is my work space, I turn thet chair around to paint:

working desc   My land Yacht   Picture 002


I am fed up with adorable pictures, and not getting paid for my efforts. I am going back to painting clowns!

clown 002clown

Steam-Punk Velocipede

kinetic velocipede



Nhoj Yesdnil’s newest illustrations will be at the Elevated ice cream parlor (627 & 631 Water Street Port Townsend WA 98368  (360) 385-1156) for the month of august. His large paintings are located at Potpourri Northwest interiors in uptown Port Townsend (1004 Lawrence St
Port Townsend, WA 98368)

A steam powered velocipede of most unusual design (based on an actual recumbent cargo trike) and other paintings, like a Pressurized mushroom house, are some of his paintings.

 Nhoj Yesdnil is working on several books for children, and their adults. He is an expert bicycle designer, and also a dendronolgist (the scientific study of living tree house structures) Part of his profusely illustrated story about Living Tree Houses.

candie cane train


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